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About Hacksaw Ridge

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Category: Biography, Drama, Romance

Release Date: October 31, 2016

Director: Mel Gibson

Starring: Teresa Palmer, Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughn

Age Restriction: 13 years

Duration: 131 minutes

Budget: $45,000,000

Box Office: $?

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3 Great Reasons To Watch Hacksaw Ridge

“Hacksaw Ridge”, the name of Desmond Ross You can not tell too many people, but the fact is that the military is one of the most important figures in the history of the American army. This young military doctor was forced to participate in World War II, becoming the first conscientious objector in American history to receive the Medal of Honor of Congress.

Mel Gibson returns in style. The winner of the Oscar for Braveheart unforgettable decided to take a decade off as director after filming, back in 2006, this wonder titled Apocalypto. if that took us to the bloody days of the Mayan empire, this time we moved to another obscure passage of history with Hacksaw Ridge. World War II becomes the ideal place to display their talents context.

Andrew Garfield, Teresa Palmer, Sam Worthington and Vince Vaughn star in a film that already sounds to the awards season. Attentive to the first trailer in Spanish of Hacksaw Ridge, because the thing has pintaza.”...
Hacksaw Ridge tells the true story of the American army paramedic, Desmond T. Doss, who was the first to deny service to the gun and was even in prison, rescued wounded soldiers during the Pacific War and was later awarded the Medal of Honor.

Mel Gibson returns ten years after his last film "Apocalypto" as a director on the canvases. Andrew Garfield plays the lead role in the film, which premiered in Beverly Hills. "As a true human being of flesh and blood, and not a fictional superhero to walk across a battlefield, without a protective coat or gun, but only with a Bible and charity, and filled with the desire to save his brothers, whether they are Japanese or Americans , Is a truly heroic act that transcends everything.

#3 A great release date: Oct 28, 2016

Mel Gibson's war film received much praise at the Venice Film Festival last September. He had twice refused the film, before finally turning to the war veteran's story. Mel Gibson: "You have to be a stone, if you are not touched by the true story of this man and what he did. Could I have dared that? Probably not. Knowing that someone did such a thing tears my heart. And I am deeply moved by the thought that there are such people. Because they still exist...

Hacksaw Ridge Development

"Hacksaw Ridge" is now in the European cinemas, in the German-speaking only in January. Desmond T. Doss was severely injured during the war, and after his honorable release in 1946, he needed many years to recover from all his injuries...

Hacksaw Ridge Full Movie Storyline

“Hacksaw Ridge” In spite of his deliberate refusal, he was later awarded the "Medal of Honor" by President Harry S. Truman for the high risk he had received to save his comrades, which made him the first military soldier of his kind...
Mel Gibson is one of the award winners of the Hollywood Film Awards this year. According to a report from dick clark productions, the actor and director is awarded the Hollywood Director Award for the director of the war drama "Hacksaw Ridge"...!
28 Oct 2016: Gibson's film was premiered this year at the Venice International Film Festival outside the competition. The story of the soldier Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield), who saved the lives of 75 people during a bloody battle in the Second World War, without even mentioning his weapon. The strictly religious man refuses to carry a weapon against his convictions and kill people. .

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